Neck Deep

About the Book

Ken Barnett tells a riveting story of a helicopter EMT team in Arkansas River Valley area. In Neck Deep, the author draws from his personal experiences in the field as a flight paramedic tasked to create a helicopter rescue operation team. He and his team show resilience and ingenuity in rescuing people and preserving lives . . . even when they encounter life-threatening obstacles and odd challenges along the way. Neck Deep is an eye-opening experience for readers, introducing them to rarely told and seen side of heroic emergency medical rescues and operations.

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Ken Barnett

About the Author

Ken Barnett is a graduate of University of Arkansas—Fort Smith. He signed up to be an emergency medical technician (EMT) in 1993. Ken Barnett and his team were tasked to form the first-ever Arkansas River Valley area’s emergency helicopter care. These days, Mr. Barnett, his wife, and his four children are living in Paris, Arkansas.


It is an absolute joy to work with those interested in patient care. When nurses, paramedics, doctors, and hospitals are all on the same page, we could do AWESOME things. We have all personally witnessed this. We have also all seen the other end of the spectrum. Perhaps that is why we become emotional when we see the chain of care develop a weak link. Seeing how well the system can work—when it fails, we feel cheated.

Troy gave a quick radio report: “Med Center, this is Air 22. We are inbound with a four-year-old trauma, code blue. Patient is intubated with IV access and in asystole. We have given first-line cardiac drugs and a fluid bolus. Patient is fully motion restricted, on a backboard. CPR in progress. ETA—eight minutes. Any questions for Air 22?”

We landed the helicopter in a field bordering the north side of the yard. Everyone could hear the whap . . . whap . . . whap of the rotor blades. It’s a comforting sound to a medic with a bad patient, but terror to a parent with an injured child.”

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